How to Walk the Runway Like a Victoria's Secret Model

Walk The Runway Like a Victoria's Secret Model? Have you ever watched the models Heidi Klum, and former Victoria's Secret models Giselle Bündchen, Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell walk the runway for the Victoria's Secret Fashion show and wanted to learn how to walk like them? If so, then read the below article to learn how to walk the runway like a Victoria's Secret Model.

Visit Youtube and do a search for "Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows". Watch the runway videos and study how the models walk. When watching the videos, look at the models' posture, walk and poses at the end of the runway.

Try and copy the models' runway walk. Stand up straight, push your shoulders back, put your shoulders back and push your pelvis slightly forward. Keep your eyes up and your chin leveled. Keep your head and shoulders still when you walk. Also, your toes should face forward and when you walk, you should be walking a straight, single line as if you were walking a tightrope. Let your arms swing naturally.

Practice your Victoria's Secret walk over and over in front of a full length mirror until you feel comfortable. Once you have your runway walk down, turn on some music and try your Victoria's Secret runway walk to get even more comfortable walking to music as the models do in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows.