How to Become a Model

There are a few ways to become a model. Read the different ways below to learn how to become a model whether you want to become a print model, become a runway model, become a fashion model, become a commercial print model, etc… Read the tips below.

Become a model by applying for Tyra Banks reality show, America’s Next Top Model. America’s Next Top Model holds auditions and casting calls in various cities each year. Try applying and getting on the modeling reality show. The show will give your lots of exposure from modeling agencies, casting directors and other clients booking models. Even if you don’t win the America’s Next Top Model Competition, just being on the show will help you to become a model as photographers, magazine companies, beauty companies, modeling agencies, fashion designers and clients who all watch the show will see you and if they like you enough, will find a way to contact you.

Become a model by getting representation with a modeling agency. Send your photos to multiple modeling agencies and wait to see if any modeling agents are interested in you. If they are, they will contact you and will book you for modeling jobs.

Become a model by becoming a freelance model. As a freelance model, you work non-exclusively with multiple modeling agencies and you book your own self for modeling jobs. To find a list a of modeling agencies, visit and to find casting calls that you can submit yourself for to book your own modeling jobs, visit