How to Become a Teenage Model

If you are in your teens and want to become a model, there are a few things you can do to try and start a modeling career. Whether you want to be a fashion print model and pose in teen magazines such as Seventeen, Elle Girl, etc.. or become a runway model and model trendy, fashion clothes, read the steps below to learn ways to become a teenage model.

Get permission from your parent(s) or guardian to see if it is ok to try and become a teenage model. Once your parent(s) or guardian approves, continue with the steps below.

Have a parent take pictures of you using a digital camera. Take lots of photos against a white wall. Be sure to take headshot photos, ¾ shots and full body shots. Don’t wear any makeup as modeling agencies want to see naturally beauty for teens.

Find a list of modeling agencies and send them your photos along with your measurements and contact information. Because you are a teen, under the age of 18, you should have your parents submit your information on your behalf just to be safe.

Wait to hear back from modeling agencies that may be interested in working with you. If you hear back from a modeling agency, this pretty much means they are interested in working with you or even better, representing you, especially if it’s a big name modeling agency, such as Ford or Elite.

Have your parent(s) or guardian setup an appointment for you all to go to the modeling agency to go over details and for your parent(s) or guardian to sign paperwork for you to become a teenage model.