How to Find Disney Auditions

If you want to get your child into acting an onto the Disney Channel, you will need to find Disney Casting Calls so you can have your child audition. There are a few websites where you can find Disney Casting Calls and to learn where, view the article below.

Go online to the website They have an auditions and casting call section where you can view lists of casting calls. Search through the auditions to see if there are any upcoming auditions for the Disney Channel or other casting calls that interest you. Follow the directions of the casting call in order to submit your child for an acting job. The website gets updated often with new auditions and casting calls, so you may want to check it often so you don’t miss out on any new auditions.

Go online and visit the website The website has a list of auditions and casting call resources where you can find places online to find child upcoming auditions such as Disney Auditions, Nickelodeon and other child auditions for modeling and acting jobs to submit your child to.

Go online to the website They have lists of auditions and casting calls available and that you can easily search through. View the website and search for any upcoming Disney auditions, as well as other auditions that you may want to have your child audition for.